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Ceremony Calendar

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Colorado Springs, CO

Inoculation Treatments: Three Kambo Sessions Over Three Days


December 18-20


February 19-21 (2021)


2021 Heal Your Tribe Level 1 Training Dates:

Colorado Springs, CO: January 8-10


Kambo Frog Outline.jpg

Individual Pricing

Single Sits

One-off ceremonies cost $100 per person. Dates scheduled will be offered to the public unless otherwise requested.

Private Sits

If you would like to have a personal ceremony, the price is $150 for single sits, and $400 for inoculations.


The practitioner can come to you if desired for private ceremonies

Advanced Treatments

Layered Treatments and 3x3 Treatments are $150

Long Term Treatment

If you are doing long term work with Kambo to address chronic disease, a reduced cost is available with upfront payment.

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