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Kambo Treatment Options

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We work in small group circles of 1-6 people, and private home sessions are also offered. Groups circles are often three consecutive days of Kambo, often called the “Inoculation”. The three day Inoculation is a highly effective way to do Kambo as each day builds on the next such that the participant can go deeper and deeper each session. 


Kambo is customarily done in a ceremonial space created by the practitioners through intention and gratitude. Rape' (ra-peh) is offered prior to applying Kambo and ceremonial sage and palo santo are burned.  Icaros (healing songs) are sung by the practitioners to help participants through their process with Kambo.

The Inoculation

- The "Inoculation" is foundational to working with Kambo.

- 3 Kambo Ceremonies/Treatments within a 28 day period.  Normally 3 consecutive days.

- 10AM- 2PM each day unless otherwise indicated.  Guests return home each day post ceremony/treatment.

- Snacks post ceremony/treatment included.


Advanced Treatments

- Chakra points 


- Meridian points


- Auricular (ear) points

- 3 x 3 Treatment

Three treatments in a three hour period

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